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Nancy will take her first course with him, plus Matthew and Marcia Dacey, the England football captain and his oversexed television-star wife. Michael suspects the Louse of sabotaging his cooking, and he takes the opportunity to indulge his darker side.

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Amid increasing tension the supper gets under way. Michael meets up with an inscrutable Nancy at dessert, and they make their way to the final party. The denouement duly denoues. Michael's feud with the Louse reaches a very public, very humiliating climax. Where, on the final page, does this leave Nancy?


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However, their experience shone through and a great game ensued, with the GB Vets coming a close second! Steve did comment afterwards that he had been filming the next Hollywood blockbuster with Brad Pitt over the last few weeks and the stunt scenes had taken their toll!! With the match poised at to The Bourne, Geoff and Dave were last up to rescue the night.

Geoff unfortunately came up against the fastest man in Surrey over 10m and struggled to get into the game! The third was much more competitive and Geoff managed to get at least 1 cross-court, reverse, volley knick in before gallantly losing