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We flush our bodies of everything, and regularly so. We defecate, we sweat, we cry, we literally shed our entire skin once a month. Feelings are no different, they are experiences that must likewise be released. Emotions, when not felt, become embodied. They become literally stuck in your body. This is because they have something called a motor component, which means that the minute they begin — before you can suppress or ignore them—they create a micro-muscular activation. Our bodies respond instantaneously. This is because, neurologically speaking, the part of your brain that regulates emotions, the anterior cingulate, is next to the premotor area, which means that when a feeling is processed, it immediately begins to generate a physical, bodied response.

The premotor area connects to the motor cortex, and then spans back into the specific muscles that are going to express the emotion.

What muscles express what emotion? Well, it depends. We have a lot of language that clues us into where we have physical reactions to emotions. But it actually goes even deeper than this. However, because you understood it was not effective to literally scream, you held back. Though this may have been the right thing to do in the moment, your body may be storing residual tension in the neck or throat area. So you know that emotions sometimes get stored in your body when they are not fully expressed. Be this as it is, how do we begin to flush ourselves from them?

There is no one-size-fits-all, but there are a few options that tend to work well for most people, particularly when they are used in tandem.

Stop meditating to feel calm, start meditating to feel rage. But it is actually the point of meditation. If you sit down for a 10 minute session and try to force yourself to be relaxed and light, you are effectively doing the exact same type of suppression that likely gave you the need to meditate in the first place.

Instead, the point of meditation is to sit idly as you experience all of those feelings come up, the rage, the fear, the sadness, the overwhelming mind chatter… and in spite of how alluring or triggering it may be, you learn to stay still, and not respond to it. You learn to allow these thoughts and feelings to come up, and then pass, by virtue of you not reacting to them.

Use breath scans to find residual tension in the body.

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You feel it. In this, you will breathe in and out slowly, and without taking a break between breaths. Once you know, you can start to go into that feeling more, visualizing what it is, where it came from, and what it needs you to know. Often in this scenarios, we are brought back to specific memories, or past version of ourselves that need assistance or guidance.

Sweat, move, cry. The last, the hardest and the most important part of releasing your emotions is really the only thing you have to do… you have to feel them. I work in a unit of a juvenile probation department that specializes in working with youth who have mental health diagnoses. Thank you for sharing this article. I would like permission to use this as a potential newsletter article in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Thank you. Excellent article! Is there a physical object that is the Model of Emotions? I would like to purchase! When I train people here in China, we have some additional findings on this Plutchik model: 1 the color of each emotion can link with our body temperature; 2 the eight primary emotions are very similar with Chinese ancient saying of 7 emotions and the only difference is anticipation; 3 the emotions are very meaningful to buildup of corporate culture.

From the Plutchik model, we understand the reason: we have much more mixture of trust and fear which produce submission than mixture of trust and joy which produces love. We know what we need to do now. Very intriguing Leslie — I particularly like the point that if you have a clear emotion-goal, the model can help you understand something of how to get there! This is a wonderful tool and resource. Thank you in advance. Reading this article, as well as the remarks i find all this rather interesting.

As my life has been full of emotional trauma, at 55 most of it has, searching for answers in all of it, and to why i am the preson i am.

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Thank you, this all gives me another research tool to use. Amazing piece of writing.. I have great interest in EQ.. Comphrehension and reading are the most important tools of it all. To solve a problem is the most valuable emotion. I disagree. I think a person can feel aggressive, like they want to act aggressively, but not act on it. Perhaps a better term would be irritable, tense, reactive.

These Seven Emotions Aren't Deadly — They're Your Secret Career Superpowers | First Round Review

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Opposites: Each primary emotion has a polar opposite, so that: Joy is the opposite of sadness. Fear is the opposite of anger. Anticipation is the opposite of surprise. Disgust is the opposite of trust. More Resources for Understanding Emotions Another fabulous resource for understanding emotions is the Emotoscope Feeling Chart, which decodes the meaning, purpose and physical sensations associated with dozens of emotions.

Check out these recent articles on emotional intelligence:. Unlocking the Power of Emotions: Yale Emotion Scientist Shares Personal Story of Healing November 5, Marc Brackett says the process started by liberating himself from judging his own emotions, giving himself permission to feel. Why Six Seconds? Scientific : The latest research creates a robust approach by the pioneers in EQ — these tools are reliable. About Latest Posts. Melissa Donaldson. For the past 15 years, I've partnered with senior executives and leaders in public and private sector organisations to execute significant change, design and implement leadership capability programs, renegotiate complex industrial agreements and build leader and team performance.

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